Accidentally on Purpose
27 May 2019

The idea had germinated in our heads a few years ago, to find universal imagery to capture the complexity of everyday life in a modern urban setting and depict the human condition how people live in this age with full of impacts all the time. Through this, our intention was to capture intersecting slices in time of our beautiful, confused world.

What really got us is the multi-layered facet brought together by shots with many dimensions which merge together into another, an abstract sphere that projects our physical, virtual world. We use double exposure technique and if we swap the rolls between each other to shoot the second layer, this gives a special character to the images and allow us to combine two unrepeatable moments from two photographers distinctive viewpoints in one frame.

With this twist we want the viewer to feel confused, lost, as you feel if you are in a crowded busy street in a big city when there’s so much going on around you. If you stop and look around you can observe this manic jungle, try to analyse, discover and think about the perception of today’s reality while diving into the complex picture. Images come out straight from the film camera without any photoshop and darkroom manipulations.