Lost Where I Belong
11 June 2019

In the land of contrast where life depends so much of the Nature, Icelandic sheep farming is a central part of people livelihood and their culture as well. This lifestyle is deeply rooted to this land and closely connected to the Icelandic spirit.

After the lambs are born in spring, farmers send the sheep into the mountains, where they spend the summer like wild animals, grazing freely underneath the midnight sun until September and that’s when the Réttir (the sheep round-up) come in. It’s an annual event when they will reveal the results of the quality of their year’s production, also serves as a social setting, gathering of families, friends and neighbours. These days are the most important after the lambing season.

Since 2012 we visited and travelled around Iceland nine times and during our visits also lived together with a wonderful family in the northern part of the island.

Lost Where I Belong is one chapter of our project “To Follow a Dream”.